About veeQuery

A web application for Databases & Big Data query, Data Exploration, Data Analysis and Data visualization

I started this project because I could not find a simple, free and easy to deploy application that could let me connect to various database systems and query big data files effortlessly. It was intended for personal use only.

But with time I added more features and decided to make it available to others.

Differences between the FREE and FULL versions

This free version of the application is easy to deploy, on a single machine (i.e Laptop) but wih one application user only.

The full version - not available yet - is more suited for enterprise/multi-users deployment scenarios as it includes the following additional features:

  • multiple users
  • SSL configuration
  • Ability to configure and connect to a data server for better scalability (process larger sets of data):
    • Under the hood veeQuery uses DASK, a Python parallel computing framework that enables Big data analytics
    • The full version has a companion container image (veeQuery-data) which acts as a data server
    • With the Full version of veeQuery, the application server (veeQuery container image) can be setup on one machine and the data server (veeQuery-data container image) on another
    • Whith the Free version, everything is integrated in a single container image (veeQuery-free), which limits its ability to scale. Consequently the following limitations are set:
      • File size limit for CSV, Parquet, ORC, JSON, HDF5: 10Gb
      • File size limit for Excel: 2GB
      • Maximum size of sample data: 100000 rows (see “Big data” section for more information)
      • Maximum size of data retrieved per query from a database: 100000 rows
  • Databases connectors for the free version are limited to:
    • Cassandra
    • MySql
    • MongoDB
    • Postgres
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MariaDB

Roadmap for the Free version:

  • Oracle database connector
  • Undo feature in code editors using keyboard shortcuts (i.e: CTRL+Z)
  • Code completion in code editors

veeQuery-Free support:

For features requests or to report issues and bugs:

  • If you have a github account please visit the following page: https://vqueryfree.com/issues
  • To get in touch with veeQuery community and get some help, please join our community server: veeQuery-Discord-Server
  • otherwise feel free to send an email to: veeQuery@outlook.com

If you are interested in learning more about veeQuery you can use the links below:


This application uses open source frameworks and components. A few of them are listed below: