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veeQuery - A Free Application for Data Analysis and Data Visualization

Published: May 5, 2021 by Laurent Esingle

What is the purpose of veeQuery?

veeQuery is a useful for those looking for a tool that will enable them to query multiple data sources, perform Data Exploration and Data Analysis tasks, as well as Data Visualization.

The application is able to extract data from Data sources such as SQL Databases (MS SQL, MySql, PostgreSQL), NoSQl databases (MongoDB, Cassandra), Big data files (Parquet, HDF5, CSV) or other file formats (JSON, Excel).

Most of these tasks can be done without writing a single line of script, thanks to no-code GUI.

For those with some knowledge on Python, SQL or Pandas, they can achieve a lot more thanks to the flexibility and extensibility offered by the code editors.

It is also possible to generate scripts from no-code GUI interactions, which can be a great way to learn how to use Pandas Dataframe library as well as Plotly visualization library.

Where can I get veeQuery?

Information on how to download and install veeQuery is available here: https://vqueryfree.com/download/

Where can I ask questions and submit bugs and issues?

To get in touch with veeQuery community and get some help, please join our community server: veeQuery-Discord-Server

To submit bugs and issues, you can either join our community server mentioned above or visit the following link: veeQuery-issues-tracking

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