Query Databases and Big Data files with ease


Database Query

On Premise or in the Cloud

veeQuery comes with several connectors out of the box. You just have to setup your connection

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Big Data Files Query

Local, Network or Cloud files

Access data using a no-code interface, pandas or SQL
Several file formats and protocols are supported

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Generate interactive charts

Charts can be generated using a no-code interface
or scripts using common libraries

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veeQuery is a web application for databases and big files query, data exploration, data analysis, and data visualization.
veeQuery runs in a container and can be easily deployed and scaled up. It can be set up on a laptop, a server or multi-server platform.

It is a convenient tool for Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Business Analysts and Developers.
It also provides a no-code interface for non-technical users.

In a way, veeQuery is an enhanced notebook (and it truly is at it's core).
Compared to a traditional notebook, it speeds up data exploration, data analysis and data visualization tasks.

Main features:
Easy connection to databases, with a SQL query editor (cassandra, mongodb, SQL server, Postgres, Mysql and more)
Easy file access and management (including big data files formats and files in the cloud)
Automatic generation of essential statistics for data exploration
Three ways to achieve data analysis (no-code interface, Python/pandas code editor, SQL)
Two ways to achieve data visualization tasks (no-code interface, Python code editor)
Ability to save data in several formats and export processed data to remote databases

This version of veeQuery is free.
To download the application please visit our Download section.
For more information about the features of the free version please visit About section.
For specific use cases and HowTos, please visit our Blog section.

For a Product tour and instructional videos please visit:  veeQuery-Youtube-Channel
To get in touch with veeQuery community and get some help, please join our  veeQuery-Discord-Server